Next SBE Chapter 59 Meeting

When:  Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Where:  Virtual Meeting – Online using Zoom

Gather/Social Time at 11:45; Meeting at Noon


Fiber Optics for HD Broadcast.   Nemal Electronics provides an overview of the practical applications for Fiber Optics in HD AV and Broadcast, including a demonstration of fiber termination, cleaning, and testing. Different types of fiber optic cables, connectors, and Media Converters used in AV applications, including SMPTE, opticalCON, and Tactical Fiber products will be discussed. Installation considerations and maintenance for inside plant, arenas and other venues, studios, and mobile use will also be covered. Next will be a demonstration of termination, cleaning and testing procedures including interferometry and insertion loss, with the opportunity to ask any questions.

Attendance at this Presentation qualifies for 1 Avixa RU (test required) or 1 Bicsi CEC.

About Nemal:

Nemal Electronics is an active member of SBE as well as NAB, Avixa, Bicsi, and NAMM, and designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and custom AV, RF, and broadcast cables for most of the principal camera manufacturers and broadcast networks throughout the Americas. Nemal maintains its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Miami, Florida as well as its Latin American sales and support facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

About the Presenters:

Benjamin Nemser founded Nemal Electronics in 1979 and is currently its CEO. Ben graduated from University of Miami (BBA and JD) in 1981, and holds a FCC General Radio Telephone Certificate as well as an Amateur Extra Class License (WA4DZS). On weekends, Ben trains for marathons and gives flight instruction in business jets. Ben has more than 45 years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation, and troubleshooting of cable for AV, Broadcast, and RF.

Daniel Ritts is the VP of Engineering at Nemal and is a leading expert on broadcast fiber optic cables. Danny has more than 30 years of experience in designing, building, and testing all types of fiber optic cabling systems for AV and broadcast including SMPTE and opticalCON. He has conducted advanced hands-on training for engineers from around the world on the SMPTE and opticalCON product lines and has designed numerous devices to facilitate the termination and testing of fiber optic cable systems.

The link and password for the meeting will be sent via email to the chapter mailing list.  If you need it please use the contact form to request it.

Future Meeting Programs:

March 9:  GatesAir – STL for Video and Audio

April 14:  TBD

May 12:  TBD

LAWO – The Broadcast Industry’s Transition to IP. 

At the May, 2020, monthly chapter meeting Austin Thomas gave a presentation on transitioning to IP based systems.  The slides from the presentation are here (53 MB):

OCCU-TEC Fuel Management

At the August, 2019, monthly chapter meeting Brendon Butler and Jason Swan of OCCU-TEC Inc. presented a program on fuel maintenance for backup generators.  The slides from the presentation are here:

Rohde & Schwarz Transmitter Technologies

At our May, 2019, monthly chapter meeting Don Backus gave a presentation on Rohde & Schwarz liquid cooled transmitter technology and total cost of ownership.  Here are some of the slides from his presentation:

Kansas City Shuffle – November 2017 Program

At our monthly chapter meeting on November 8, 2017, chapter member and broadcast consultant Greg Best gave a presentation on the 2017 FCC spectrum auction’s impact on the Kansas City television landscape.  The slides from the presentation can be found here:

SBE 59 August Meeting – Wireless Spectrum

At the August monthly chapter meeting Chris Castro presented a program on wireless micrphones and spectrum coordination.  Here is the powerpoint file for that program:

AMC 8 Transition Information

On February 8, 2017, Chris Childs of Satellite Engineering Group (SEG) gave a presentation to our SBE chapter on the AMC 8 satellite transition.

Here are his presentation slides:

He also supplied a link to another source of up-to-date information:

National EAS Test Update (2016)

September 28th 1:20 PM central time…..that is the official date and time for the next National EAS test.

The FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau has officially published notice that all EAS Participants are required to participate in the nationwide test.

In case anything arises to delay it (such as a real emergency, during which a test could cause confusion), a secondary test date is set for Oct. 5.

Items stations must take care before that date….

  1.  Make sure your EAS equipment is programmed with the new national location code of six zeros (000000).  This new code covers every state and county in the United States and should be programmed with National Periodic Test (NPT) event code. Deadline to have the new  code programmed is July 30th.
  2.  All EAS Participants must register with newEAS Test Reporting System.  Click on ETRS registration page (you must have station FRN user name and password to enter this page).

You will be emailed a special user name and password for use to access the forms.  You must file ETRS Form One by Aug. 26.  Form two will be filed on the day of the test (September 28th) and form three must be filed by November 14th.

  1.  Check you EAS logs to make sure you are receiving theIPAWS Required Weekly Test(RWT) each Monday at 11:00 AM local time.

“The test message will clearly state that the alert is only a test of the EAS,” the FCC bureau stated. “FEMA’s alert will be transmitted in English and Spanish and include both audio and the text of the test message, which can be used to populate an accessible video crawl. These improvements will help ensure that all members of the public, including non-English speakers and individuals with disabilities, will receive emergency information.

This information is courtesy of Larry Wilkins, Alabama Broadcasters Association

American Tower Corporation TV Repack Program

Our monthly meeting on May 18, 2016, was hosted by American Tower at one of their Kansas City area sites.  They presented a program about the FCC’s spectrum auctions and the TV repacking to follow.  Here are the slides from that presentation:

DTV Transmitter Efficiency Presentation (August, 2014)

At the regular chapter meeting in August, 2014, Perry Priestley of Anywave Communication Technolgies gave a presentation on DTV transmitter efficiency.  Here are the slides from that presentation in PDF form: SBE Presentation 2014.pdf

Oklahoma First Informer Broadcasters Act

At the May, 2014, monthly chapter meeting a new piece of legislation in the neighboring state of Oklahoma related to broadcasters and emergency situations was discussed.

The final version of the act can viewed on-line here:

Further research showed that a similar bill was being considered this year in Missouri:

The Missouri House Bill 1582 “First Informer Broadcasters Act” will have to be taken up this fall as the Missouri Legislature ended its session on Friday, May 16th (2014).  The bill “establishes certification (for) radio and television broadcasters under the “First Informer Broadcasters Act” in order to prepare for and respond appropriately to an emergency or disaster.”

Science Pioneers

At the October, 2013, SBE meeting Kirk Chestnut mentioned a local organization that is involved in promoting science, mentoring, and hosts a city-wide science fair that is in need of judges/volunteers.  Here is a link to their website:

Here is a link to the volunteer sign-up page:

The Double Slit Experiment

At the monthly meeting on October 9, 2013, chapter member John Gray gave a presentation on quantum physics and the double slit experiement.  Below are links to some YouTube videos on the topic presented by Richard Feynman.

Presentation from 1964 (worth it just to watch the intro):

Four part Feynman lecture from 1965 (each is a little over an hour long):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

See more items from previous meetings….