The Library is being assembled so that SBE59 chapter members may pull from a collected resource pool. These items can be ckecked out by any SBE member in good standing who is currently assigned to chapter 59.

This information may be suitable for staff training, certification exam preparation or general information. Donations to the chapter library are accepted. Contact a chapter officer to make a donation.

Resource List


Tube Topics: A Guide for Vacuum Tube Users in a Transistorized World Econco, 1994 Allied Electronics Data Handbook Allied Radio Shack, 1970

Video tapes

Kansas AMBER Plan Training Video for Law Enforcement and Broadcasters Produced by the Kansas State Trooper Video Production Unit, copies provided by the Kansas Association of Broadcasters 12 min, closed caption, VHS September 2002

Safety is Good News Salt River Project 23 min, VHS 2000 description: mast safety around power lines